First Day Fun!

The Sunshine Group had a fantastic first day back! We are so excited to meet and make new friends, which is very fitting for our first week’s theme, Friendship! Our whole program started the day with a morning circle, sang a few songs, and then we split into groups to do our daily activities!

Red group made friendship bracelets, paper chain friends, and puzzle pieces during craft. During field, they played some get-to-know-you games, like “I’ve got mail…” and a name game. They also did a water relay and some rounds of Duck Duck Goose!

Orange group made name creatures and puzzle pieces and had some fun during choice time on the playground and waterslide. We finished our day in the field playing Drip Drip Drop and “I’ve Got Mail….”

Yellow and Green group wrote letters to their future selves (which we will open later this summer) and built gumdrop and toothpick structures. We played some games in the field, like Copy Cat, Captain’s coming and “I’ve got mail….” Finally, we had a choice of playground or Legos to end our day.

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