Safari Searchin’

Today at the Sunshine Group, we had an awesome second day of Animal Week! We sang a song in morning circle about magenta flamingos and all separated into our groups for a fun day of activities!

The Orange group started their day with crafts, where we made a grocery bag safari vest, which we used later in the day when we went on a safari hike around the woods of Oakland Park. We also made paper chain link snakes! We did animal pose yoga and giant connect 4 during field time, and had fun on the slip ‘n slide and playground during choice time.

Red group painted animals and made jellyfish and bumble bees during craft. They played on the playground and slip n slide during choice time. During their time in field they played a fun game of Hungry Hungry Hippos!

Yellow/green group played Night at the Zoo, Fishy fishy and Barnyard Eggs during field time. They went on an African Safari hunt around Oakland Park for some really cool animals! During craft they made swimming jellyfish with magnets and paper chain snakes