A Fabulous Day of Fun in the Sun!

We started off the first day of the 2022 Sunshine Group summer session with Circle Time. We sang two songs: “Brown Squirrel” and “You Are My Sunshine.”

Red Group started with crafts. They made sunflowers and name tags on paper plates. How fun!! During snack campers read and chatted. They had choice time next – their choices were tag and playground. For field games, we had Mitch from Knucklebones lead some games. They played keep it up, balance ball, and foot golf!

Orange Group started their day on the playground. They had snack under the Gazebo where it was nice and cool. As they were munching they listened to a counselor read “One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” by Dr. Suess. Afterwards, they joined Mitch for games including keep it up, foot golf, and chase the tail! Lastly, for craft, they made animal and tissue paper masks!

The Yellow and Green Groups began their day on the Field. Mitch had lots of fun planned for them. First they played keep it up with a MASSIVE volleyball. He threw two of them in the mix. Next they played foot golf. They ended with a game of Indiana Jones. Next, they transitioned to snack. Some campers listened to some books while others chatted with friends. For craft they made bubble blowers, paper flowers, and sun visors. Finally, campers had the opportunity to choose between playground or playing on our brand new waterslide!

Overall, the Sunshine Group had a fabulous day of Fun in the Sun!