Day 2 of Science Week: Experiments + Exploration = A Fun and Messy Day!

Our kids loved their second day of Science Week! We had tons of fun making new things, watching experiments, and learning about the world around us.

Red group grew rainbows, built with Magna-Tiles, and made exploding bags. Orange group dug for fossils before making shaving cream galaxies and bubble blowers. Yellow group made ping pong planets, went on a bug hunt, and watched the science fair put on by our wonderful counselors in training! Finally, Green group played predator vs. prey tag, made salt art, and watched a demonstration of what happens when Mentos are put into Coke.

Thank you to the CIT group who helped set up and run science experiment stations in the tent today! It was a highlight of our day!

We are all so excited for our zoo trip tomorrow!

See you tomorrow!

– The Sunshine Group