Science is All Around Us!

Happy first day of Science Week!

Our kids kicked off the week with science field games, curiosity-provoking crafts, and exploration projects. Red group started their day off by making styrofoam planets, played with stomp rockets, and made sensory bags. Orange group played with stomp rockets, experimented with coke and mentos, and made pipe cleaner flowers. Yellow group made coffee filter butterflies, traveled through an obstacle course, and went on a bug hunt! Green group ran a “Will it Float?” experiment, made lava lamps, and created marshmallow structures. We all had a lot of fun getting messy as we explored with mixing colors and ingredients!

We also had a special visit from the town police and fire departments who came to show off their awesome vehicles – it was a lot of fun! Thank goodness the fire department was here to visit – they saved a stomp rocket from spending the rest of the day on the office roof!

We’re looking forward to another inspiring day tomorrow!

– The Sunshine Group