2023 End of Year Message

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The Sunshine Group Summer 2023 Session is in the books! The summer always flies by for us as we work to provide a safe, inclusive, fun, and memorable summer for your kiddos! Thank you so much for sharing them with us. We have enjoyed their smiles, cheering on their successes, watching them try new things, and seeing them make new friends. We are also grateful for your support with a record turnout at our Sunshine Talent Show and Carnival. These special days are always a highlight of our program, and we are so glad that you enjoy them with us!

Planning for the Future

As we close for the summer, we are already thinking about next year and about the future of The Sunshine Group. As you may know, we are able to keep our prices low due to the support we receive from the Town of Medway. The town generously provides funds for staffing, transportation, and supplies. Due to increases in staffing needs and other impacts to our budget, we will be working with the town to increase some of these budgets, especially in the area of staffing. We will be working on this during our off-season this winter. We also have dreams of one day having an indoor space to stay out of the rain and provide additional resources for students.

As we work towards these goals (one of them being a short-term goal and one a long-term goal), we will need help from our Sunshine community. We need to provide the town with information about our numbers for next summer, so we are asking you to complete this short Sunshine Group Support Form that asks you to indicate whether your child(ren) will be returning next summer. This is not a binding agreement, but it will help us to provide an estimated number of students when projecting next year’s budget. The form also has other opportunities to help, including a space to leave a positive, anonymous quote about our program for use at a town meeting or on our website, and space to respond about your willingness to help in other ways. Thank you in advance for your support!

Please fill this out: Sunshine Group Support Form

The Babysitters List

To wrap things, up, we have a few resources to share with you. One is the highly anticipated babysitters list. A number of counselors have offered to babysit throughout the school year. Use this link to access our 2023 Sunshine Group Babysitters List!

Also, when visiting Urban Air Bellingham, we learned that they offer a monthly sensory-friendly jump session. See the Sensory Friendly Urban Air Flyer for more information.

Take Care,

The Sunshine Group