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2021 End of Summer Message

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Another summer is behind us – and as always, it flew by!

It was a special summer for us as we returned to some normalcy after being virtual for the 2020 summer session. We were glad to be back at Oakland Park and so happy to see all the smiling faces again – in person! Thank you for your support as we made some changes due to protocols, and your flexibility as we added pool days and field trips as soon as we were able to! 

It was another summer filled with warm weather, activities, games and new friendships. The 2021 Sunshine Summer ended with our talent show in week 5 and our yearly carnival on the last day of our program. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to help – these events are made more special through your support! Thank you for sharing your children with us, and we hope to see you all again next summer!

In the meantime, a few counselors are available to babysit throughout the school year. Use this link to access our 2021 Babysitters list

Take Care, 

The Sunshine Group

Carnival Celebration!

What a fun day in the sun! Yesterday, the Sunshine Group spent the day celebrating a wonderful summer of being back together with friends and counselors.

We started our morning enjoying memory books and singing our favorite song “You are my Sunshine.” Then we all had an awesome day at the carnival! There were bouncy houses, slip n’ slides, an obstacle course, face painting, ice cream, snow cones, popcorn and cotton candy. It was so nice to see everyone’s smiling faces!

Thank you for another great summer!

Super Fun Science

The Sunshine Group is so excited to end our summer with one of our favorite weeks: Science!

Today we had a real scientist come in and speak to us about rockets! His show also had coke and mentos, alka seltzer tablets, and a lot of laughs!

The Red group started their day with chalk drawing on the basketball court. After the science show, we continued with snack, followed by a fun game of Mad Scientist. We played Frankenstein tag and then a round of drip drip drop to cool down!

Orange Group played on the playground, did a really cool science scavenger hunt around Oakland park, and enjoyed the Rocket Show!

Yellow and Green group did a marble relay and played opinion four corners. They also did some fun science experiments to make bouncy balls and bubbles! We also enjoyed the rocket show, and learned about air displacement, rocket fuel, and chemical reactions!

REMINDER: Tomorrow is a pool day, please come in bathing suits and with all necessary floaties.