Information for Parents and Children

Our goal is to provide academic and social instruction in a play setting, where children can take a much-needed break from school, but still reap the benefits of structured activities and lessons.

The Sunshine Group is a six-week, four days/week “special needs and others” program
that includes arts and crafts, activities and games, water play / swimming, music, and weekly field trips (if restrictions allow).


Ages 4 – 12: $500 (in town) – $700 (out of town)
Ages 13-15: (CIT program) – $300
Volunteers (Ages 16+): $100

Family Discounts

1-2 children: no discount
3rd child: $400
4th child: $300
5th child: fee waived

NOTE: Check is due with the registration, but won’t be deposited until after July 1st


We currently meet at Oakland Park. Adjacent to the property is Oakland Park playground, Gazebo, and large open fields. We also have a large tent and access to bathrooms. 


Busing is available for Medway residents to and from the program every day. There are counselors (monitors) on the bus each day so that every child can be safe, and also to use that travel time productively, with talking, singing, and appropriate socializing. We would be happy to speak with you about our program and/or put you in contact with current Sunshine Group families. Please visit our contact page for more information.

A Typical Day

The children spend a good amount of time within their age-based groups. Different groups get together for different activities.

All groups come together at the beginning of the day for the morning “Circle Time.” Circle time in the morning starts with the singing of the Sunshine Group anthem to develop a strong sense of pride, cohesiveness, and comradery.

During the day, the children are engaged in outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and music.

At the end of the day, we all come together to review the activities of the day and share their experiences with each other.

On Thursdays, The Sunshine Group goes on field trips.

On Fridays, the Sunshine Group goes swimming at either Fino Field Pool in Milford (which is still under construction) or Hinkley Pond in Medfield. Swimming is a favorite activity for many children!


“I had so much fun! The talent show was my favorite part!”
– 3rd Grader

“I don’t really have many friends at school, but I made so many friends this summer with Sunshine Group. I can’t wait to see them at school this year!”
– 5th Grader

“The Sunshine Group makes every child feel welcomed, comfortable, and excited to be a part of the program. They harness each child’s individual spirit and allow it (to) fly throughout the summer. Our children have gained independence, confidence, and empathy through their time with the Sunshine Group. Most importantly, our children have had fun. This world can be so fast paced and difficult for children, and the Sunshine Group assures that kids can enjoy being a kid in whatever way they are most comfortable.”
– Parents