A Gorgeous Friday Pool Day!

Today was a gorgeous Friday pool day!

We had lots of fun swimming & splashing. Games of Marco Polo, Fishy Fishy, Tag, and Beach Ball were played. Lots of exciting stories and singing happened on the bus ride to and from the pool as well.

Next week is our beloved Hollywood week!

Our annual talent show will take place Thursday 7/26 at 11 am at the Medway VFW. Families are welcome to attend.


A Day of Learning and Nature at Bass Pro Shops

Today, everyone at the Sunshine Group took our first field trip to Bass Pro Shops.

We had so much fun doing the Nature Walk around the cranberry bogs. Some of us saw turtles, birds and even frogs in the pond!

We also explored inside and saw huge fish, bears and even more turtles! It was truly a great day and an awesome first field trip!

A reminder that tomorrow is a swim day,  the weather forecast looks fantastic!  Make sure to bring all the necessary items for water fun.