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Fun Rain or Shine!

We visited the Wetland habitat today.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature kept us from swimming at the pool; however, we made the best of our day right here at camp!  We had lots of exciting activities going on, including adventures on the water slide and great story writing about what we saw at the zoo yesterday.  Despite everything being a little damp, the day was a great success!

Next week, we will have Health and Fitness week.  Children will be learning about various fitness activities and ways to be healthy.


Animal Week is a Jungle of Excitement!

There were so many animals marching their way through camp. I saw tigers, jaguars, monkeys, and many more!

We have special guests visiting us for the week. Uncle Ned’s Fish Factory was kind enough to let some fish and tadpoles visit us for a few days, so the children have had the chance to learn about the various creatures in the tank. I saw campers busy making animal masks, magnets, and puppets, playing a fishing game, and turning into an octopus while playing a game of tag. Tomorrow we are off to visit LOTS of animals at the zoo!

Many of you have asked about our wish list. Here it is!

Wish List:

Staples gift cards
Snacks (safe, peanut-free) (i.e. goldfish, animal crackers)
Copy Paper
Paper towels
Hand sanitizer
Clorox wipes
1 subject notebooks
Legal pads
Bottled water

Thank You!

Animal Week off to a “roaring” start

Animal Week is off to a roaring start!  There were creatures showing up all over camp, including bears, turtles, giraffes, and I even think I spotted a dinosaur or two!  Smiles and laughter have camp off to a great start as the children design puppets, complete habitat murals with their own animal designs, and get their t-shirts tye-dyed so we will be ready for our field trips on Thursday!  I saw some campers take to the field for an exciting scavenger hunt where they searched for various animal-related items.  Some of our campers make great detectives!  As always, there was plenty of singing and dancing going on as the children broke into song with Old McDonald and Bingo!


Group 1:  Southwick Zoo
Group 2: Roger Williams Park Zoo