The Sunshine Group Staff


Director – Jessica Peck
Assistant Director – Mark SanClemente


The essence of The Sunshine Group is reflected in the quality of its people. 

Currently, we have a staff of approximately 30, several volunteers, and a group of CITs (counselors in training). There is an excellent child to staff ratio.

Our staff of counselors is made up of a wide variety of people.  We have adults who work in schools during the year, young adults who are currently studying a related field in college (music therapy, education, special education, occupational therapy, etc.), and high school students who have an interest in working with children.

The Sunshine staff works very hard to make this a wonderfully rewarding experience for all children who attend!


As a counselor you need to be willing to work with fellow staff to actively engage children, participate in group activities, supervise children’s safety, gather/organize supplies and materials, plan and prepare activities, and actively participate in our program to make children feel welcomed and accepted. All counselors will be assigned to a group and work with all children in that group. 

Each staff member is required to work from 8am-1pm, Tuesday through Friday, during the summer session dates. Our children rely on you to be there every day for our short summer session. Staff training will be provided consistently throughout the summer. 

Apply using the Staff Application found on this website!