A Cool Summer Day!

We appreciated the cool weather today! While the water slide was not set up, we did utilize the slip and slide along with the foam machine.

Many of our Groups ended up intermingling today, which was great. We spent lots of time on the playground and in the field playing games like keep it up, parachute, and Olympic themed games.

Crafts included colorful salt art, playdough, marble run, and paper crafts like foam fingers.

Groups had choices like sand box, foam machine, slip and slide, basketball, and playground.

Overall it was a fantastic day! We are very excited for Southwick tomorrow!

A Hot Day of Fun and Fitness!

Today was a hot one so every Group utilized water games!

Yellow and Green Groups played hot potato sponge, drip drip drop, and rabbit hole. During craft they made a ball in cup game and played with playdough. Choice was basketball and water slide!

Orange Group had a choice between water slide and sandbox. They made pasta necklaces, foam fingers, and played with playdough. For field they created a human chain with hula hoops and had a potato sack race!

Red Group used playdough and made Olympic ring glasses. They also played a relay race, water tag, and used the water slide!

Swimming and Kayaking at Sweatt Beach!

Today the Sunshine Group headed to Wrentham to kayak and swim at Sweatt Beach! Our staff and kids had the option of swimming, kayaking, or both. Those that kayaked could go in a single boat or a double together with a counselor. The water was absolutely beautiful! There was even an island to get off on and explore. Those that opted to stay on shore swam, built sand castles, and even got to jump off the dock! It was an amazing day and we hope to go back next summer.

This summer has absolutely flown by. We can’t believe that next week is our final week of the 2022 summer session! Next week’s theme will be “Fun and Fitness.” On Thursday we will be going to Southwick Zoo and Friday is our Carnival. Be sure to get in touch with us if you are interested in attending the carnival!