Martial Arts, Dance, Archery, Track & Field, Hiking, Biking, and Volleyball

These were the highlights for today as many stars got to shine as many talents were shared and knowledge was gained! Zach and Matt shared their knowledge and interest in BMX and mountain bikes. Hannah and Sid explained the value of running track and kids even got to try some relays. Joe shared his love of hiking including bringing in his one man tent and special equipment. Nick did a special presentation for group two which involved the opportunity to try using a bow and arrow. Anna, Shannon, and Emily shared their dancing talent today and did a wonderful job. Danny, Rachel, Dave, and Barrett showcased years of practice in a variety of styles of martial arts. Grace, Jess, Bridget, and Shannon demonstrated some basic volleyball skills and then everyone had the chance to get try playing on a real volleyball net. All in all, it was a very fun and super busy day!

Tomorrow is our field trip. SOCKS MUST BE WORN! Camp tshirt and sneakers should be worn as well. Remember snack and lunch. We will return to camp around 1:30.