Week 4, Day 4: A Day at the Theatre

What fun we had at the Walpole Children’s Theatre seeing Dorothy in Wonderland!  The show was colorful, funny, and exciting!  The children laughed and clapped and seemed to really enjoy the experience of being in the audience for live theater.  Some children even started writing their own plays on the bus ride home.  It was a very special way to end our Week of Fame!

Next week our theme shifts to ANIMALS.  Our field trip will be to the New England Aquarium and the permission slip should be posted soon.

“The show was awesome and funny!”  – child from yellow group

“I want to be in a play some day!”  – child from green group

“Best behaved group we have ever welcomed to a production!”  – Walpole Children’s Theatre House Manager

One thought on “Week 4, Day 4: A Day at the Theatre”

  1. Our son absolutely LOVED this! It was his first time experiencing live theatre and he couldn’t stop talking about it. He was especially intrigued by the way two stories that he recognized were meshed together to make a new tale. Thank you so much for providing the children with new opportunities to explore and enjoy.

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