Week 5, Day 2: A Trip Around the World

The Sunshine Group traveled all over the world today as we learned about various types of animals.  We went from the wetlands to the woodlands to the jungle to the arctic and everywhere in between!  We learned about how polar bears and penguins stay warm in the cold climate they live in.  We turned into lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) by creating masks! We even tried to act like certain animals to have our friends guess in a fun game of animal charades! The highlight of the day, however, may have been the amazing safari designed by the green group and some CITs and volunteers that took us to the homes of many different animals!

Tomorrow, we head to the New England Aquarium.  Please remember permission slips, orange t-shirts, sneakers, snack, and lunch (lunch is eaten on the bus, in small quarters, please remember we are PEANUTE FREE !!).  We will be back by 2pm!