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Sunshine Summer of ’17 Closes with Spectacular Carnival!

Today marks the end of another amazing Sunshine summer as we celebrate with our annual carnival!

It’s hard to believe that six weeks can go by so quickly, but it must be because we have had so much fun!

Please keep an eye on the website throughout the year for announcements, including our annual Walk-a-Thon in the Spring and Registration applications for the Summer of 2018. We hope to see everyone back next summer!

 A special shout-out to T.C. Scoops and the Muffin House Cafe for their help, support, and generous donations to help make the carnival spectacular!

The Sunshine Group – Summer of 2017
The Sunshine Group – Summer of 2017

Today We Went to the Movies – Tomorrow Is the Carnival!

Everyone had a great time at the movie theater today. Cars 3 was an entertaining movie and the sound and lights were just right. The movie ended with a round of applause in the theater!

It is unbelievable to think that tomorrow is our last day of the Sunshine Group’s 2017 Summer Session. These six weeks have been incredible and seem to have gone by so fast. We will end tomorrow with our Annual Carnival which will include bouncy houses, dunk tank, cotton candy, ice cream from TC Scoops, laughs, smiles, and so much more!

Parents and families are welcome to join us for this wonderful conclusion to another amazing summer!

Welcome to Sunshine City!

Today, our Occupation Week continued with some very exciting events and activities with the highlight of the day being a trip through Sunshine City! Before going to the city, however:

 The red group was busy making fire hats, digging for jewels in the sand table and learning about different occupations at the job fair.

 The orange group was busy decorating t-shirts to look like uniforms, building with legos just like construction workers and architects, and attending the job fair.

  The yellow group played some games on the field and then spent time prepping for the job fair where they taught other groups about science, gymnastics/cheer, art, acting, football, writing and more!

The green group (with the help of a few from yellow group) spent most of the morning getting ready to run Sunshine City!

Sunshine City was the highlight of the day! We had a fully functional bank, a police station, an auto mechanic, a library, a “bling” store, a clothing store, a doctor’s office, and a tattoo parlor.

Important for Tomorrow
1. Field Trip Tomorrow: We return at 12pm. Please remember blue sunshine shirts, sneakers, and snack.
2. Carnival is Friday: Parents/families are welcome to attend anytime from 10am-12pm
3. Extra Sunshine T-Shirts: We have a few extra sunshine t-shirts from this year that will be for sale at the carnival

Once you arrive in Sunshine City, it is tough to resist all the exciting things it has to offer.
Our city even had its own site to dig for fossils and gems!
The clothing store had many decadent choices to try on and buy!
Prices were high but that didn’t stop anyone: the temporary tattoos were a huge hit!
We had a well-run bank where everyone got their money to pay for their purchases at the different shops!