Week 2, Day 1: Traveling to a World of Mystery, Magic and Imagination

We have traveled to a world of mystery, magic and imagination in week two! Mythical week has us talking about unicorns, dragons, super heroes, trolls, and more! Children created shields and crowns to transform themselves into princes and princesses, they designed wands to perform magic. Some counselors were turned into frogs, giraffes, rocks, and more… thankfully, the magicians were willing to turn them back to counselors! We also incorporated the Olympics traveling all the way to Greece where they began! Children had the chance to compete in various games, such as javelin and shot put!

Tomorrow, the adventures continue as the basketball court will be magically transformed into a giant game of Candy Land, and Harry Potter may even make an appearance on the Quidditch field!

Field Trip Permission Slips Due!

On Thursday, 7/14, we will be taking our first field trip to see Finding Dory at the Bellingham Movie Theater!

Please remember to print the permission slip and send it in with your child for Thursday:

7/14 Field Trip Permission Slip