The 2018 Summer Session Begins!

IMPORTANT: Please see the Updated Bus Stop List

Weather permitting, we will be swimming at Fino Pool in Milford tomorrow.

A Great First Day!

In the Red Group today we started with a “get to know you” game where we each talked about our favorite characters. Some favorites were Elsa, Spider-Man and the pups from PAW Patrol. Next we made masks of our favorite characters or shields to protect us from super villains. After snack we did a sponge relay where we tried to fill our buckets up to find Nemo. Finally, we either played some Drip, Drip, Drop to cool down or we played in the sandbox. We are so excited for the summer and had a great first day!

The Orange Group started their day by making masks with their favorite character, like Barbie, Pikachu, or some original characters. We then ate snack together, where we got to know our counselors and other new friends in the group. We got to know our whole group by playing some introduction games, then we had fun on the water slide and playing water tag to cool down.

The Yellow Group started their day with some “getting-to-know-you” games and some fun water tag out in the field. After snack, we joined the Green Group and helped put together a special project for some of the younger groups. We had some free choice at the end of the day, and had a lot of fun discussing some of our favorite characters with our counselors and other campers!

The Green Group CITs and Volunteers were welcomed to the Sunshine Group for an exciting first day. Green Group learned each others names through games like “Name and Action” and “Who Am I?”, where each member of the group pretended to be a different character. Green Group also joined Yellow Group to play a game of “Over Under” and got a little wet to cool down on this very hot first day of camp!