Another Day of Fun in the Sun!

Whew! Another hot day for our Sunshine Group kiddos. We managed to cool off through a variety of beachy crafts and water games!

Red group dug in the sandbox, read stories, and painted seashell creatures before cooling off on the waterslide. Orange group opened a sandbox kitchen, enjoyed making scratch art, and showed their creativity with watercolor paints. Yellow group made sand cupcakes in orange group’s kitchen, made salt art, and beat the heat with squirter relays. Finally, Green group made sunglasses out of pipe cleaners, crushed an obstacle course, and played drip-drip-drop!

We are all super excited for our first day of swimming tomorrow! Information about swimming was sent out via text. Please text Jess at (978) 790-9779 if you did not receive a text.

-The Sunshine Group