Week 3, Day 1: Science Week Begins with Tornadoes


All Groups Will Be Going to The Boston Museum of Science!

Still a 2pm Return.

Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.

Carl Sagan

The discoveries made today were endless!  Groups created tornadoes in a bottle and their eyes were wide with amazement watching them spin.  Some groups designed their own planets and created mini solar systems with some of their friends.  We tried an experiment with Diet Coke and Mentos that did not go so well, so we might try it again tomorrow.  Other groups went on a nature walk trying to complete a Bingo board finding leaves, rocks and more!  We even amped it up with a game of element tag and some discoveries with pH levels as well!  The experiments and discoveries continue tomorrow!

Sunshine Weather Forecast: Tornadoes Likely!
Sunshine Weather Forecast: Tornadoes Likely!

As mentioned above, we had to change the field trip to have all groups go to the Museum of Science.  Timing is still the same, but no groups will be going to the Children’s Museum because they could not fit us in during the time we needed.  Please remember to send in permission slips!

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  1. I’m so excited that all kids are going to the Museum of Science!!! Hooray! We ❤️ Camp Sunshine!!!

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