Engineering Fun!

Everyone continued to learn and explore the vast world of science today (despite a little rain in the middle of our morning today).

The red group made lava lamps, fossils with their own thumbprints, and did rubbings using tree bark.

 The orange group made tornadoes in a bottle, created leaf rubbings, and played germ tag on the field

  The yellow group talked about the predator/prey dynamic among animals and other creatures and played a game of tag connected to the idea, but the highlight of the day had to be creating a way to keep an egg safe after a long drop from the playground using only a certain set of materials. Many of the eggs survived, but all of the designs were unique and well-thought out.

 The green group created an exciting geocaching treasure hunt for themselves, as well as for the other groups, which was a big hit.

Important Reminders for Tomorrow

Make sure to have your child bring:
1) Blue camp shirts and sneakers
2) Permission slips
3) Snack and luch