Bowling Fun

The Sunshine Group had another amazing day. While we couldn’t swim in Hopkinton, we did get an extra day of fun in the sun.

Our day started with a silly joke and a camp sing along song.

Red Group started their day playing with shaving cream. They drew silly pictures and patterns on the tables. They also played red light, green light.

Orange Group started their day with a choice of playground and chalk.

The Yellow and Green Groups played field games in rotation. They had water games, sports, and even an obstacle course! Before loading onto the bus, they snuck in a game of popcorn on the parachute.

After snack, everyone loaded onto the bus and we headed to Ryan’s Family Amusement. We really lucked out as the place was pretty empty. We had tons of lanes to spread out so everyone got plenty of turns bowling!

Overall, we had a fantastic day! We are looking forward to seeing everyone for Character Week!