Character Craze

Today we had a super special guest – a professional face painter! She created all kinds of wonderful creations on our kid’s and counselor’s faces. It was SO exciting!

Red Group started their day with crafts. They made fairy wands, crowns, and painted. They also used magna tiles. For choice, they had the waterslide, face painting, and playground. During field, they played parachute games under the tent to keep cool.

Orange Group started their day with choice. They had options like waterslide, face painting, and playground. During field they played Frozen tag, giant connect four, costumes, and sandbox. For craft, some amazing volunteers helped campers make playdoh. They also used blocks to make Minecraft characters.

Yellow and Green Groups started their day in the field. They played many games such as memory ball, mermaid drip drip drop, and even did an obstacle course! During craft, campers made Pok√©mon balls with paper plates, Minecraft blocks, and made Frozen “snow.” For choice they had waterslide and face painting.

We had the BEST day!

Tomorrow is Buzz Lightyear in theaters! Please remember to wear your new blue Sunshine Group shirts.